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Shield is a business continuity management (BCMS) and crisis management software solution that provides you with key tools to protect your business and respond quickly to unexpected events. With this product, you can gain control over crisis situations and incidents, minimise downtime and keep your operations running at the level you demand.

Shield is set up in accordance with Czech legislation (in particular Act No. 240/2000 Coll., on Crisis Management and Act No. 181/2014 Coll., on Cyber Security) and a number of international standards (ISO 22301, ISO 22313 and others) and uses the PDCA cycle (Plan - Do - Check - Act) to implement, maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of an organisation's business continuity management system.

If you are seeking to strengthen the resilience, security and stability of your business, you are a critical infrastructure entity, or you are considering ISO 22301 certification, Shield is the solution for you.

Scope of the business continuity management system

Identify the parts of the organisation to be included in the BCMS and manage the company's products, activities and services

Resource management

Defining all the assets, people, skills, information, technology and more that the organisation has at its disposal to meet the objectives of each product and service

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Identification of business continuity priorities and requirements, definition of areas and types of impacts and criteria for their evaluation

Threat catalogue and threat scenario modelling

Evidence of threats and their linkage to specific scenarios that indicate their potential impact on the organisation's activities and which are further worked with in the risk assessment

Risk assessment (RA)

Identifying, analysing, and evaluating the amount of risk (with detail for each resource) and deciding which risks require treatment

Business continuity strategy

Identification and selection of business continuity strategies based on the outputs of business impact analyses and organisational risk assessments. Strategies can be identified for the periods before, during and after disruption of the products and services provided

Business continuity plans and procedures

Establishing plans and procedures that are activated in the event of a disruption to the organisation's operations, including early warning and communication with stakeholders

Business continuity plan exercise programme

A programme of exercises and testing to validate the effectiveness of business continuity strategies and procedures

Management of critical infrastructure entities and elements

Evidence of information for the preparation of the Crisis Preparedness Plan, including an overview and assessment of potential risks resources, threat analysis and their potential impact on the organisation's activities

Crisis management

Establishment of plans and procedures to resolve individual crisis situations identified on the basis of the threat analysis

Management of non-conformities and corrective actions

Developing a corrective action implementation plan to address non-conformities and align the business continuity and crisis management system with the organisation's objectives, legislation and relevant standards