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Everything under one roof. Using state-of-the-art technology, Solar solves the complete agenda of subscription, distribution, production and free sales. In the subscription module, it helps to take care of the subscription tribe. Moreover, it enables its effective expansion thanks to the module of marketing campaigns. All related procedures are solved comprehensively including GDPR procedures, reporting outputs, HR information. Modules of production, distribution and free sales address all publishing practices in these areas. Thanks to the technological solution of “small” separate services that communicate with each other, it is possible to respond flexibly to the current needs of the publishing market and to tailor-made requirements.

Programmatic Bridge

Programmatic Bridge

Receiving data from your SSP partners in different structures and forms can sometimes be very difficult and almost impossible for interpretation. Because you are unable to respond quickly to all opportunities and changes, you cannot effectively manage your online inventory. Programmatic Bridge downloads API data from your SSP partners every day and compares it to the performance of your direct sales positions. The data is further transformed into unified structures and reported in the required granularity. The service provides you with friendly analytics tools and detailed reports that lead to successful revenue management.

Contract For Media

Contract for Media

Business and information system verified by the largest media houses not only on the Czech and Slovak markets, but also in other countries of the world. It streamlines the work of all media companies - from print and internet media, television and radio publishers to media or event agencies. It allows you to share information, conveniently invoice and simplify all business processes as much as possible.

Naxos Archive

Naxos Archive

Industry-leading content-focused software - whether it's files, photos, text, videos, agency news, etc. Big and small content creation and data companies can use all their own and purchased content for long-term use, storage , sort, import, export, search, or keep a history of your changes.


  • Vltava Labe Media
  • News & Media Holding
  • Sportmedia
  • Orbis in
  • Ringier
  • Adria Media Ljubljana, d.o.o.
  • Petit press
  • Forbes
  • Golf Channel
  • Hanza Media
  • Impression Media
  • Motor Presse Polska
  • Pravda
  • iPrima

About us

Since 2000 we have been developing elaborate and complex software solutions for media, agencie and web companies. Our Contract for Media and Naxos systems are used by major companies in dozens of countries around the world, including the largest media houses. We will also help you to succeed in the media market. Contact us.